Recent publications


1.   Jiaxin Si, Fei Jiang, Ruimin Shen, Large-Pose Face Alignment via Shape-Aware Heatmap, ICASSP, 2019

2.   Wen Li, Fei Jiang, Ruimin Shen, Sleep Gesture Detection in Classroom Monitor System, ICASSP, 2019

3.   Junpeng Zhang, Fei Jiang, Ruimin Shen, Multi-Level Supervised Network for Person Re-identification, ICASSP, 2019


1.   Fei Jiang, Xiao-Yang Liu, Hongtao Lu, Ruimin Shen, Efficient Multi-Dimensional Tensor Sparse Coding Using T-Linear Combination, AAAI, 2018

2.   Qiaoping Hu, Fei Jiang, Chuanneng Mei, Ruimin Shen, CCT: A Cross-Concat and Temporal Neural Network for Multi-Label Action Unit Detection, ICME, 2018

3.   Jiaojiao Lin, Fei Jiang, Ruimin Shen, Hand-Raising Gesture Detection in Real Classroom, ICASSP, 2018

4.   Fei Jiang, Xiao-Yang Liu, Hongtao Lu, Ruimin Shen, Anisotropic Total Variation Regularized Low-Rank Tensor Completion Based on Tensor Nuclear Norm for Color Image Inpainting, ICASSP, 2018

5.   Qiaoping Hu, Hanqiu Sun, Ping Li, Ruimin Shen, Bin Sheng, Illumination-Aware Live Videos Background Replacement Using Antialiasing Optimization, Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2018

6.   Lingwei Li, Fei Jiang, Ruimin Shen, Total Variation Regularized Reweighted Low-Rank Tensor Completion for Color Image Inpainting, ICIP, 2018

7.   Saleha Masood, Bin Sheng, Ping Li, Ruimin Shen, Ruogu Fang, Qiang Wu, Automatic Choroid Layer Segmentation Using Normalized Graph Cut, IET Image Processing, 2018

8.   Chuanneng Mei, Fei Jiang, Ruimin Shen, Qiaoping Hu, Region and Temporal Dependency Fusion for Multi-label Action Unit Detection, ICPR, 2018


1.   Fei Jiang, Xiao-Yang Liu, Hongtao Lu, Ruimin Shen, Graph Regularized Tensor Sparse Coding for Image Representation, ICME, 2017

2.   Fei Jiang, Huating Li, Xuhong Hou, Bin Sheng, Ruimin Shen, Xiao-Yang Liu, Weiping Jia, Ping Li, Abdominal Adipose Tissues Extraction Using Multi-scale Deep Neural Network, Neurocomputing, 2017

3.   Xudong Jiang, Bin Sheng, Weiyao Lin, Ping Li, Lizhuang Ma, Ruimin Shen, Antialiased Super-Resolution with Parallel High-Frequency Synthesis, Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2017

4.   Zhihua Chen, Zhenzhu Wang, Bin Sheng, Chao Li, Ruimin Shen, Ping Li, Dynamic RGB-to-CMYK Conversion Using Visual Contrast Optimisation, IET Image Processing, 2017

5.   Lin Liu, Fei Jiang, Ruimin Shen, Highly Occluded Face Detection: An Improved R-FCN Approach, ICONIP, 2017

6.   Yu Zhang, Fei Jiang, Ruimin Shen, Region-Based Face Alignment with Convolution Neural Network Cascade, ICONIP, 2017

7.   Chenhao Gao, Bin Sheng, Ruimin Shen, Structure-Preserved Face Cartoonization, ICONIP, 2017


1.   Ming Zhu, Xiao-Yang Liu, Feilong Tang, Meikang Qiu, Ruimin Shen, Wennie Shu, Min-You Wu, Public Vehicles for Future Urban Transportation, TRANSACTIONS ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, 2016

2.   Ming Zhu, Xiao-Yang Liu, Meikang Qiu, Ruimin Shen, Wei Shu, Min-You Wu, Traffic Big Data Based Path Planning Strategy in Public Vehicle Systems, IWQoS, 2016

3.   Yi Yang, Bin Sheng, Wen Wu, Zezhou Chen, Ruimin Shen, Image Saliency Detection Based on Rectangular-wave Spectrum Analysis, Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2016

4.   Ming Zhu, Xiao-Yang Liu, Meikang Qiu, Ruimin Shen, Wei Shu, Min-You Wu, Transfer Problem in a Cloud-based Public Vehicle System with Sustainable Discomfort, MOBILE NETWORKS AND APPLICATIONS, 2016

Recent patents


1.   一种基于深度学习的举手检测方法,林娇娇、姜飞、申瑞民;中国,发明,ZL2017110447227,授权时间:2018.03.16.

2.   人脸表情合成后的图像优化方法、装置、存储介质和计算机设备,盛斌、郑凌寒、申瑞民;中国,发明,ZL2017107090182,授权时间:2018.02.02

3.   人脸表情合成方法、装置、存储介质和计算机设备,盛斌、郑凌寒、申瑞民;中国,发明,ZL2017107082186,授权时间:2018.01.19

4.   基于滚动哈希和块级别帧内预测的帧内编码方法,谢伟凯、鲁晨平、申瑞民;中国,发明,ZL2013102252229,授权时间:2016.01.13

5.   基于Kinect的人脸视频目光修正方法及系统,盛斌、张雨、申瑞民;中国,发明,ZL 2015103867431,授权时间:2015.10.21

6.   基于深度摄像头的双手三维非接触式动态手势识别方法,王加俊、王宝亮、徐礼爽、申瑞民、陈静;中国,发明,ZL 2013100907207,授权时间:2015.10.14